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Search, find, and with your documents on your Mac

Only for Mac M1/M2

Hayt app in action

Private by design

Hayt takes a privacy-first approach

Store locally

For your privacy, all of the documents are stored locally on your Mac. The search happen locally no external services are required.

Chat secure

If you chat with your document, we use an external API where we send a small piece of your encrypted document to interpret your question, this file is not stored anywhere. We use secure protocol for this communication.

No external services

It all just works automatically. No need to send the documents to external Services or Database.

Chat locally

If you want it to run chat locally on your machine, you can enable it. This feature requires a little more resources on your Mac.

If you have any questions related to privacy, contact us or check the privacy policy for more details


Your documents are precious and private, and we treat them with the utmost care. Our search tool operates entirely within your Mac's boundaries, ensuring that your content stays securely on your device. Your data never leaves your hands, guaranteeing your privacy.

Leave behind the days of struggling to recall specific file names or where you saved them. Our content similarity search empowers you to search based on the essence of your content, making finding files an intuitive experience.

Imagine a singular search box that takes on the task of locating a multitude of file types—PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Our search tool transforms into a unified hub, revolutionizing the way you manage different document formats.

Interact with your documents like never before. Our AI-powered chat functionality allows you to have natural conversations with your documents, extracting information and insights in real time.

We love our users

John D.

This search tool has transformed the way I look for content on my Mac. It's like having a personal assistant that instantly finds what I need, even if I don't remember the exact title. Plus, the fact that my documents stay on my Mac is a huge bonus for privacy-conscious users like me

Michael R.

Efficiency is everything in my line of work. This search tool has streamlined my document management. It's user-friendly and works seamlessly with the file types I use. The site plans are worth every penny for the added features. Highly recommend!

Sarah M.

I've never been good at keeping track of file names, but this search tool solves that problem. I can focus on my writing without worrying about where I saved things. And knowing that my work stays on my Mac is a relief. It's like having a personal librarian!

Alexandra P.

As a researcher, I'm constantly dealing with a mountain of documents. This tool has been a game-changer. I can search by content similarity, and it even handles various file types. No more hunting through folders—this tool saves me time and sanity!